By Anne Dorte Blankholm, Ph.D., M.Sc.Radiographer, MRSO., 2021-2022 ISMRT President

Dear ISMRT members and colleagues,

I hope that you are all well.

Here in the Nordic countries, days are getting longer and more light gives encouragement and hope for the future. The status of the pandemic looks like we will have fewer restrictions in the future, and I am looking forward to seeing everyone in London at the Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB and the ISMRT 31st Annual Meeting in May. It has been way too long since last time we had a chance to meet in person.

The annual meeting program is taking shape and looks outstanding. Rhys Slough, our program chair, will give you a teaser and some highlights in his next blog.

It is my great pleasure to announce that we have now changed the name from SMRT (Society for Magnetic Resonance Radiographers and Technologists, A Section of the ISMRM) to ISMRT (International Society for Magnetic Resonance Radiographers and Technologists, A Section of the ISMRM). This was done after 30 years of being named SMRT, and it was done to reflect that we are now a truly international society. We have also changed the name of the SMRT Policy Board to the ISMRT Governing Board. This was done to better reflect the work that we do.

I would like to remind you of the two new membership categories: the ISMRT Associate Membership and the ISMRT Trainee Membership. Remember the discount that you get as an ISMRT member when you register for the annual meeting.

A free offer that I would like to take this opportunity to announce is the President’s Challenge event, which takes place from 14 February to 20 March 2022. The President’s Challenge is a great opportunity to share knowledge with your colleagues and peers. As an ISMRT member, you can hold an educational event, using some of the excellent ISMRT educational material that is normally only available to ISMRT members, and let your non-member colleagues see at least a part of what ISMRT offers. And they can even get accreditation for participating. Educational material has been exclusively selected within several categories. These are: Safety, Peds/Fetal, Neuro, Body, Physics/Image Quality, and Musculoskeletal. I am confident that you will find something of interest. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Be sure to monitor at the community calendar and the ISMRM & ISMRT Virtual Meetings to make sure you do not miss an event in which you would have liked to take part. Just recently, there was a joint ISMRM MR Safety Study Group & ISMRT Virtual Meeting on MRI Safety Information for Unusual or New Biomedical Implants on 27 January 2022 and ISMRT Virtual meeting; MRCP: How to do it on 10 February. The ISMRT North American Chapter recently had an excellent meeting with very satisfied attendees. I would also like to remind you to keep an eye on the ISMRM workshops where you can register for a reduced fee if you are an ISMRT member.

Stay tuned and enjoy all the activities and possibilities that our community offers.

Until we meet in London this May, stay safe.

With best wishes,

Anne Dorte
ISMRT President 2021-2022