By Huijun (Vicky) Liao, MR-RT, MRSO, 2023 ISMRT AMPC Chair

Dear ISMRT colleagues,

How is your day going? “It’s going” is the answer that I usually get when I ask my coworkers that question. Yes, our day is full of challenges! My typical workday starts with a long list of patients waiting to be scanned. If one patient comes late, everything gets push behind. Then, we try every way we can to shorten scan time and make things efficient. At the same time, we are the “gatekeepers” who need to screen patients carefully to make sure that they are safe to be scanned. Still, things never get easy! Patients may realize that they are claustrophobic at their first scan and squeeze the call bell the moment we send them to isocenter, and so on…

Does this sound like your workday too? You are not alone. We are all with you! When I say “We,” I mean all of us in ISMRT. You will be surprised to find out that colleagues around the world are actually having very similar workdays as yours! It would be nice if we could get to know each other, isn’t it? Indeed, the ISMRT 2023 Annual Meeting in Toronto will be a great chance for us to meet each other! We will gather, chat, laugh, and learn!

Every member of the Annual Meeting Program Committee this year has been working hard to organize different MR educational forums for you! As a little preview: we will have another Masterclass series along with forums on a number of subjects—MR safety, pediatrics, neuro, MR spectroscopy, interventional MR, cancer, cardiac, MSK—and plenary/keynote introducing novel ideas and concepts.  Besides great educational forums, we will also have our poster tour (with poster award session) and abstract award session, so we can learn how colleagues around the world perform MR. It is not too late! Submit your abstract by Nov 9th, 2022. Let us learn from you, too!

We are still working out all the details, so please stay tuned for more updates. There will be more exciting details of the meeting coming soon, and more surprises to come!

Your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome:


Huijun (Vicky) Liao
2023 ISMRT AMPC Chair.