Copy & paste the following text to use in an email to your supervisor or employer. Be sure to replace the ____ lines and remove the bracketed text before sending.

Dear __________,

Membership in the Society for MR Radiographers and Technologists (SMRT) is an important step for MR professionals as it is the premier organization for our industry.  I believe by supporting my membership in the SMRT, I will further my professional development and acquire new ideas to bring back to the company and team.

Membership in the SMRT will give me access to the best educational content from the industry, allow me to grow in my professional career and network with industry leaders. [go into detail about at least one membership benefit that has the most value to you found here] This membership will help me with my efforts in making me a more valuable member of our company.

Networking – Networking is important. The best of the best are members of the SMRT. I will have the opportunity to meet and interact with influencers and the leaders in the industry through committee involvement, local and national educational conferences and access to the membership list. I can address them with problems we face and get advice, as well as collaborate and share ideas with one another.

Please check out the SMRT’s membership benefits . I have been following the SMRT Facebook and LinkedIn pages and there is a lot of buzz about this organization!

The total cost for the membership is [fill in the blank based on eligible membership type found here]. I could even save the company money by joining for two or three years at once with their discount for multi-year membership.

I am happy to chat further about this with you, and answer any questions you may have. I am confident that membership in the SMRT would be worthwhile for my position now and for years to come.