2020 John A. Koveleski Award for Professional Development

This award was established to honor the memory of John A. Koveleski, SMRT President 2002-2003, in recognizing the need for MR professional development of students and new entrants in the field of MR.

The recipient of the 2020 John A. Koveleski Award for Professional Development is:

Takumi Yokohama, B.Sc.(MR)

FA Value After 1 Week Decompressive Surgery is a Prognostic Factor in Patients with CSM

After graduating from Hokkaido University and got a Bachelor of degree in Health Sciences, I am working as a radiological technologist at the Department of Radiology at Otaru General Hospital, Japan.

Throughout a few years of clinical experience in various fields such as X-ray pictures, CT, radio-therapy and more, I got a certificate of Magnetic Resonance specialist in JMRTS in 2019.

I have a strong interest in the quantitative assessment of cervical spinal cord and brain imaging in the acute phase of neurosurgery.

I would like to develop this research and lead to appropriate surgical treatment.