Annual Meeting Mobile Apps

Apps for Android and iOS, plus websites for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

There are many ways to access the program & proceedings of this year’s annual meeting. The following is a list of options and the advantages of each.

We strongly recommend that you choose ONE of the following options for planning your time at the annual meeting.

The apps, websites and offline documents do not interact with each other except as noted.

Mobile App

  • Access everything from your phone or tablet
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Get live updates and notifications of changes and events
  • Connect with your colleagues via the Friends button
  • Share your photos and experiences with the Activity Feed
  • Optionally, use the web interface to create your itinerary on your PC/laptop and it will sync in the app
  • Note: Once you log in to the app, tap the refresh icon to get full access to the proceedings
Mobile Event App for the ISMRM 25th Annual Event Mobile Event App for the ISMRM 25th Annual Event

Important: Be sure to log in to the app with your ISMRM username & password!

Web-Based Program-at-a-Glance

  • Works on all devices with a web browser
  • Updated frequently
  • Includes syllabi and abstracts, and will eventually include session videos
  • No itinerary function
  • Requires internet access

Web-Based Proceedings

  • Contains all abstracts, disclosures, and merit award listings
  • Searchable, including a variety of search filters
  • Requires internet access

Mira Itinerary Builder

  • Log in and build your itinerary directly in Mira (click “Create Itinerary (Registered Users Only) / View Abstracts” to log in)
  • Does not sync with the mobile app
  • Can be imported into most calendar apps, including Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple iCal

Offline Digital Poster List

  • PDF of the digital poster list from the Proceedings
  • Does not include abstracts, images, or links
  • No internet required after initial download
  • Click to download (19 MB)

Offline Program & Proceedings App

  • For advanced users only
  • An offline copy of the Program-at-a-Glance with abstracts and compressed thumbnail images
  • Contains all abstracts and available syllabi; does not contain videos or other materials
  • Download the files BEFORE arriving at the meeting!
    • We strongly recommend downloading over your home wifi
    • Requires 1.8 gigabytes of free space on your device
  • Works on Android and iOS, as well as laptops and other devices that can open .zip files
  • Does not sync with the app or itinerary builder
  • Does not require internet after initial download.
  • Click here to download (1.8 GB)
  • See installation instructions in the next column

Offline App Instructions:

Android Devices

  • Download the .zip to your device
  • Unzip the file using an app like WinZip or your app of choice.
  • Access the html files with your web browser

iOS Devices

  • Download the .zip to a computer
  • Unzip it
  • Use iTunes to transfer to the phone – may vary by app
  • We support GoodReader app, which has good documentation to transfer the folders here: