ISMRM Daily Infusion for Thursday, May 16

Mansfield Lecture:
Dr. Christiane Kuhl, a past ISMRM Gold Medal Winner, will present “Predict – Then Act! Moving Towards Tailored Prevention” at 18:30. Dr. Kuhl’s research has illuminated how MRI’s sensitivity to cancer detection implores our community to find ways to increase access to MRI. Tonight she will describe new opportunities to match preventive and interventional resources intelligently by leveraging advances in imaging and in individual risk prediction of breast cancer.

Standardized Plenaries
Continuing to work with all the new friends you make at the ISMRM Closing Party tonight will be easier after watching the plenaries discuss how we can standardize acquisition schemes, post-processing methods, and clinical interpretation practices. 10:30 Plenary Hall.

An ISMRM Favorite:
Come learn about artifacts from the classic and everyday to some real head scratchers in the ISMRM Artifact Game Show. Come find out who will be crowned the ISMRM equivalent of Jeopardy’s James Holzahauer. 710B, 16:00.

Campfire Sessions:
Early Years of SMRM, SMRI, SMR, ISMRM, SMRT. Postal abstraction submission, slide trays, and abstract books big enough to throw your back out!. 15:45, Foyer, 5th Floor East.

Secret Sessions:
Work/ Life Balance (13:30), Overcoming Bias within and Against Us (15:30)

ISMRM Daily Infusion for Wednesday, May 15

Junior Fellows Symposium:
The Junior Fellows dive into the needs and challenges 
of increasing access to MRI around the globe. Room 710A, 13:00.

Growing a Diverse, Equitable, & Inclusive MR Community:
Best practices on growing everything from diverse research groups to research studies to be discussed at Resonate Forum, 518A-C, 13:30.

All Those Ideas!
All the ideas generated from the Annual Meeting are going to create some stress when you get back home and try to implement them. The Presidential Lecture, given by certified life coach Hakan Arheden, M.D., Ph.D., will discuss transforming that stress to produces more productive research and healthier researchers. 10:30 Plenary Hall.

Big Science!
MRI has grown by constantly expanding its reach. Today’s plenaries discuss how the MR field can continue to grow through big, broad scientific efforts to fill gaps in the understanding of human health. 11:00 Plenary Hall.

Campfire Sessions:
Early Years at Siemens (15:45) and MR in China (16:45) Foyer, 5th Floor East.

Secret Sessions:
Learning how to engage the general public (13:30), use mentors to develop an independent career (15:30), and Mentor Speed Dating (16:30).

ISMRM Daily Infusion for Tuesday, May 14

Connecting MR to Nanotechnology:
Nanotechnology has been applied to MR research to improve diagnostics as well as therapeutics. In the NIBIB New Horizons lecture, Dr. Seung Hong Choi will show translational research in MR applications of nanotechnology, which started from imaging and is going beyond imaging. 10:30 in the plenary hall.

Machine Learning Plenaries!
Today’s plenaries (11:00) focus on the way machine learning will alter the way we image, practice radiology, and make new scientific discoveries. Mountains of computing experience will be summarized for you all in a tidy hour.

Campfire Sessions:
Come relax a bit and hear stories about the early days of MRI at Aberdeen (12-13:30), Nottingham (15:30-17:00), and the early days of fMRI (17:45-19:15). Foyer, 5th Floor East.

Secret Sessions:
Today’s first session (13:45) focuses on coding tips and tricks that will increase the value and impact of your work. The second session (16:30) describes how to obtain visibility for your work through networking to get the next position on your career progression.

ISMRM Daily Infusion for Monday, May 13

ISMRM Awards:
Announcement of this year’s Junior Fellows, Senior Fellows, Distinguished Service Medals and Gold Medal Awardees will start at 10:30 in Plenary Hall. Be there to recognize contributions that have made our field and the ISMRM the impactful society it is today!

Plenaries Disrupted!
Today’s plenaries focus on disruptors that could significantly alter the way the MR field operates, specifically in the way we gather, visualize, and interpret data. If the topic is not appealing to you, I’ve been trying to downsize my stake in a VHS movie video corporation and would love to talk to you!

First-Ever Campfire Sessions:
Each day legends will recount our field’s early days in a relaxed, informal setting that will mix attendees of all generations and geographies. Today’s storytellers include John Schenck of GE while Hedvig Hricak, Leon Axel, and Chris Hess will recount the early days at UCSF. Check out the Foyer on the 5th Floor East in the afternoon.

Secret Sessions:
Today’s sessions focus on the spectrum of scientific publishing options as well as issues in authorship and ethics. Some time spent this afternoon in the Resonarium could avoid a lot of unwanted disruption and friction later!

ISMRM Daily Infusion for Sunday, May 12

ISMRM Fun Run:
The real go-getters put in a 5K before you even read this!

Hands On Education:
Tired of hearing from old timers how hard it was to test a research idea in MRI Back in the Day? Then check out the hands-on learning sessions in Open Source Software Tools for MR Pulse Design, Simulation, and Reconstruction in Room 710B. Check out how to setup an AWS account on the Program at Glance before you come.

Mother’s Day for Much of the World:
Mom is thrilled that you are in Montreal advancing medicine, but a call home today is still highly recommended.

Lauterbur Lecture:
Dr. Peter van Zijl, former ISMRM Gold Medal Winner, will present “My Life in Magnetic Resonance: Sense and Serendipity” at 5:30 pm in Plenary Hall. Dr. van Zijl is best known for his development of MR methods that have spurred MR’s dominant position in brain mapping today as well as several clinical imaging approaches. But he started his studies in inorganic chemistry. His recounting of the influence of serendipity on his research journey will be especially valuable for ISMRM participants in all career stages starting of a week interacting with over 6,000 attendees and just as many scientific presentations.

Opening Reception!
See literally thousands of your colleagues at one time at 6:30 pm.

ISMRM Daily Infusion for Saturday, May 11

Actor Bill Murray famously said once “Who can grow more than me? I am the acorn that becomes the mighty oak!” Saturday offers opportunities for scientists and clinicians at all stages of their careers to continue their growth. The session Physics for Physicists (Room 520 A-F) is always a crowd-pleaser where a semester of learning somehow comes across smoothly every hour on the hour, but you can branch out and learn everything from the design of magnets (Room 516 A-B) to myelin (afternoon in 516 C-E).

Newbie Reception:
Take a little time to let all that new knowledge settle into your brain properly at the event for first-time attendees: A special opportunity for first-time attendees to meet other “#1’s” as well as many experts in the field. Mix and mingle with your colleagues and future collaborators! You must have a “#1” ribbon to gain access. If you do not have the ribbon, check with the registration desk before 16:30 on Saturday.