• 2019 Fun Run Info Form

    Thank you for registering for the 2019 ISMRM Fun Run! Please tell us your t-shirt size and the name and phone number of a person to contact in case of an emergency.

  • I am aware that participation in sporting events is potentially dangerous. I agree not to participate if I am not physically fit and well trained. I agree not to participate without the approval of my doctor. I agree to accept any decisions of an official Event Attendant regarding my ability to participate safely. I assume all risks associated with the event, such as falls or contact with people or objects, accidents related to bad weather, traffic and the condition of the course. By participating in this competition, I agree, for myself and for any minor who accompanies me and any person authorized to act on my behalf (ex: heirs and executors), to discharge and to waive any recourse against the organizer and any associated or related entity (their directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives, sponsors, volunteers, instigators and organizers collectively referred to as the "Event Organizers"), any present or future liabilities or claims of any kind, known or unknown, arising from my participation in this event or other joint activities, even if those responsibilities or claims arise from the negligence of the event organizers. I agree that the organizers of the event will not be held responsible for any death, personal injury or property loss. I acquit the event organizers and waive any recourse or claim related to the event. As soon as my registration fees are paid, I agree to respect this release of responsibility. I give permission to the organizers to use or authorize other persons to use for any purpose all photographs, films or any other record of my participation and those of the minors under my responsibility in this event or other joint activities, without remuneration. I have read this disclaimer, I understand the terms and I accept them.

    By registering electronically for this event, for yourself or as a legal guardian of a participant in this event, you confirm that you have read this information, understood the ins and outs and asked the necessary questions. You accept this release of liability.