2019 ISMRM Outstanding Teacher Awards

Saturday Courses Winner Talk
Basic MR Spectroscopy Robin A. de Graaf, Ph.D. Matching MR Methods With Appropriate Applications
Cutting-Edge Techniques in Body MRI Masoom A. Haider, M.D. Radiomics: Clinical Applications
Cutting-Edge Techniques in Body MRI Choon Hua Thng, M.B.B.S., FRCR Understanding DCE MRI & Its Potential Clinical Applications
Diffusion & Microstructure: Frontiers Filip A. Szczepankiewicz, Ph.D. Diffusion MRI Acquisition, Part II: Adding Dimensions
Diffusion & Microstructure: Fundamentals Marco Palombo, Ph.D. Fundamentals of Diffusion
fMRI: Back to Basics Laura Lewis, Ph.D. High Temporal Resolution fMRI
Hepatobiliary and Imaging of Prostate Cancer Hero K. Hussain, M.D., FRCR Benign Primary Liver Tumors
Humans Learning to Do Machine Learning Right Daniel Rueckert, Ph.D. State of the Art & Current Problems in Deep Learning
Hyperpolarized MR Spectroscopic Imaging Lucio Frydman, Ph.D. Get the Hype: The Physical Bases of Dynamic Nuclear Polarization for Medical Uses
MR Image-Guided Therapy Priti Balchandani, Ph.D. MRI for Surgical Planning
Myelin Samuel K. Ludwin, M.B.B.Ch., FRCPC What Is Myelin & Why Is It Important to Image?
Physiology & Hemodynamics Daniel Bulte, Ph.D. Calibrated BOLD
Physiology & Hemodynamics Felix W. Wehrli, Ph.D. MRI Measurement of OEF and CMRO2
Statistical Analysis for Imaging Studies Chaya Moskowitz, Ph.D. Statistical Methods for Evaluating the Accuracy of Imaging Tests
Sunday Courses Winner Talk
Basic PerfusionC. Chad Quarles, Ph.D.DCE-MRI: Acquisition
Basics of Molecular Dynamic Sensitive MRI; MT, CEST & Rotating-Frame RelaxationSeth A. Smith, Ph.D.Quantitative Magnetization Transfer Imaging for Characterizing Pathology
Brain Connectivity: Structure & FunctionDavid C. Van Essen, Ph.D.How the Brain Is Connected
Cardiac MR: Linking Physiology to ImagingBettina Baeßler, M.D.Augmented Intelligence & Radiomics in Cardiac MRI
CNS TumorsBenita Tamrazi, M.D.Pediatric Tumors
Gynecology and BowelCaroline Reinhold, M.D., C.M.Cervical & Endometrial Cancer
MRI Data Acquisition: Pulse SequencesDavid Michael Higgins, Ph.D.Signal Generation & Spatial Encoding
MRI Data Acquisition: Pulse SequencesKawin Setsompop, Ph.D.Faster & Higher Quality MRI Through Tailored Undersampling
MRI Image Reconstruction: Nyquist & Non-Nyquist TechniquesJonathan I. Tamir, Ph.D.Compressed Sensing
MSK Disease: Current Status & Potential Applications of Advanced ImagingAshley A. Williams, M.Sc.Sports Injuries: Advanced Imaging Methods for Injuries to Short-T2 Tissues
Neurofluids & Brain Lymphatics: From Bench to MRIE. Mark Haacke, Ph.D.Role of Fluid Dynamics in Neurological Diseases
Vascular EducationalTim Leiner, M.D., Ph.D.Contrast Agents
Vascular EducationalJeremy D. Collins, M.D.Contrast-Enhanced
Sunrise Courses Winner Talk
Advanced MSK MRI Acquisition & Post-Processing Fang Liu, Ph.D. Machine Learning: Research Perspective
Advanced MSK MRI Acquisition & Post-Processing Richard Kijowski, M.D. Machine Learning: Clinical Perspective
Cardiovascular MR of the Future Matthias Stuber, Ph.D. Cardiovascular MR: Technical Promises
Imaging Without Gadolinium Markus Nilsson, Ph.D. Diffusion Techniques
Microstructure for Clinical Use Jennifer Campbell, Ph.D. Basic Overview of Microstructure Models
Multinuclear Imaging & Spectroscopy Paula J. Foster, Ph.D. The Role of 19F in Cell Tracking
Preclinical MRI: Methods & Applications Michal Neeman, Ph.D. Biological Aspects
Quantitative MRI Karin Shmueli, Ph.D. From Magnetism to Fieldmaps & Back
Why Do My Body Images Look So Bad? Brian A. Hargreaves, Ph.D. Pelvis
Weekday Courses by Category Winner Talk
Body Christiane K. Kuhl, M.D., Ph.D. Future of Breast MRI
Cardiovascular Walter R.T. Witschey, Ph.D. Viability Assessment
Cross Cutting & Emerging Technologies Johnes Obungoloch, Ph.D. What Do We Have & What Do We Need? - MRI in Africa
Diffusion/Perfusion/fMRI Mark D. Does, Ph.D. Diffusion Goes Multi-Modal: Myelin Mapping
Molecular/MRS Corin O'Dell Miller, Ph.D. MRS of Lipids & Fatty Acids: Metabolism, Composition & Quantification
Musculoskeletal Christine Chung, M.D. Clinical Applications of Imaging Cartilage-Bone Interactions
Neuro Ari Meir Blitz, M.D. Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus: Definition & Imaging
Physics & Engineering Wyger M. Brink, Ph.D. Efficient & Effective Numerical Simulations for RF Coil Modeling & Safety Prediction