2021 SMRT President’s Challenge

06-19 March 2021

Are you up for a challenge? Then why not join us by participating in this 14-day event bringing world-class MR education to your local area. The call for an “Expression of Interest” to host an SMRT President’s Challenge Event is NOW OPEN!

So, what is The Challenge? As a member of the SMRT, you register to host an event, choose a package, and organize a 1-hour meeting with your colleagues. We have done all the upfront work of creating several different packages that you can choose from to host your event. It’s that simple.

Can this event be hosted virtually, or does it have to be in-person? The choice is yours. We understand that not everyone will be able to host an in-person event due to current restrictions. If you have a way to host a virtual event (such as having your own personal Zoom, AdobeConnect, etc. account), you can participate. We only ask that you limit attendees to those in your local area. (Please note that if you do hold a meeting virtually, you will be expected to confirm each person’s attendance at the beginning, middle and end of the meeting, in order to provide CE or CPD).

This is a great way to highlight the advantages of being an SMRT member and to convey to others, the importance of MR education for Radiographers and Technologists. This is also a chance for you to share knowledge with your colleagues by offering them free CE/CPD. A win-win!

Sign up today as the challenge starts soon. Organize your event, spread the word, and have fun networking and presenting an MR education topic with your colleagues.

SMRT President’s Challenge Event Host Application

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Educational Package Options

Click the package titles below to view more details about each package, including presentations, organizers and more.

  • Presentation 1: Getting started - The core cardiac MRI Exam
  • Presentation 2: Cardiac Imaging in patients with Arrhythmias
  • Course Organiser: Adam Scotson (Scotland): SMRT Policy Board - Executive Member & Education Co-Lead

Course Summary: Adam has chosen the following talks as part of the president challenge concentrating on cardiac imaging. Cardiac imaging can provide a number of challenges for the radiographer/ technologist. These following talks draw on some of the industrial leading figures to offer advice in setting up a cardiac service to some of the common problems encountered in carrying out cardiac scanning and trips and tricks to overcome these. Cindy is a recognised as an international expert in cardiac MRI and has been involved in training technologist/radiographers in both clinical And research setting. Cindy Comeau is heavily involved in the SMRT having served In a number of roles including president and treasurer. Her talk looks at the process of setting up a cardiac service and what requirements are required from booking to acquisition. Dr. Peter kellman has an extensive knowledge of cardiac imaging and has published many research papers on cardiac imaging in this talk he looks at cause of artefacts caused by Arrhythmias in a variety of imaging sequences and how these can be overcome.

  • Presentation 1: Paediatrics - Bribery, Tape and Hard Drugs
  • Presentation 2: Paediatric MR Safety
  • Course Organiser: Nancy Beluk (USA): SMRT President Elect & Education Co-Lead

Course Summary: Nancy has chosen these two presentations with the goal of providing information to MRI Radiographers / Technologists who are currently or soon to be working at a paediatric facility. Mark Smith and Michael Kean are Radiographers currently working at paediatric facilities. They have first-hand knowledge of day to day operations. Their presentations provide helpful information and demonstrations on how to succeed in acquiring MR images on our younger population.

  • Presentation 1: Focused MRI In the Abdomen
  • Presentation 2: MR Assessment of Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer: Current Standards and Future Directions
  • Course Organiser: Sarah Green (New Zealand): SMRT Policy Board & SMRT Divisions Committee Chair

Course Summary: Sarah has chosen these two presentations to provide an overview of Abdomen and Prostate MR imaging. Dr Scott Reader is a world-renowned leader in MR Abdominal imaging. In this presentation, he demonstrates examples of focused MR protocols in the abdomen, shares ideas on how to design and implement Focused MR Abdominal protocols into your current practices as well as identifying current barriers to implementing these. Dr Fiona Fennessy gives a thorough explanation of the role of MRI in prostate imaging. She explains the varied biological aggressiveness of prostate cancer and the role of qualitative vs quantitative mpMRI assessment in the detection of prostate cancer.

  • Presentation 1: MR Imaging of Myelopathy
  • Presentation 2: Spinal Cord MRI in the Diagnosis & Monitoring of Multiple Sclerosis: A Clinical Perspective
  • Course Organiser: Kirsty Campbell (New Zealand): SMRT Policy Board & SMRT Virtual Meetings Committee Chair

Course Summary: Kirsty has chosen these two presentations due to the value they give the MRI Radiographer/Technologist in their approach and understanding of imaging the spine. Dr Pramit Phal presented on ‘MR Imaging of Myelopathy’ at the 2019 Annual Meeting in Montreal, he gives fantastic examples of pathology along with an excellent explanation of the MR Imaging protocol and when additional techniques can be beneficial. Dr Klaus Schmierer is another excellent presenter who is passionate about his research in the field of Multiple Sclerosis, which is a common and complex disease. In his presentation he gave on the 2019 Virtual Meetings Program, he helps the audience understand the importance of correlating MRI findings with the underlying pathology, and the understanding of assessing specific tissue features other than myelin in the spinal cord.

  • Presentation 1: Creating an MRI Safety Culture and Performance Improvement Program
  • Presentation 2: Preventing MRI Accidents: Best Practice Recommendations to Minimize Risk
  • Course Organiser: Nancy Beluk (USA): SMRT President Elect & Education Co-Lead

Course Summary: Nancy has chosen these two presentations for the up to date information they provide the MRI Radiographers / Technologists. In the ever changing world of MR Safety, staying on top of the current trends and culture is vital. Dr Laura Vasquez runs a highly successful MR Safety Course and she continues, in this MR Learning Lab, to show her knowledge and expertise in the field. John Posh has been a strong advocate of the SMRT since day 1. His passion for MR safety and accident prevention is evident in every presentation he gives.

  • Presentation 1: Building an MR Safety Program
  • Presentation 2: Clinical Perspective on MRI dB/dt Safety Risks vs. Alternative Diagnostic Imaging Modalities
  • Course Organiser: Nancy Beluk (USA): SMRT President Elect & Education Co-Lead

Course Summary: Nancy has chosen these two presentations for their clarity of information. I believe they can be used for training all staff personnel, not just MRI Radiographers / Technologists who are directly involved in the day-to-day MRI procedures. Dr Bernd Ittermann gave this presentation at the 2017 SMRT Annual Meeting. He helps the audience understand how and when to start an MR Safety Program. Dr. Maureen Hood has been a member of the SMRT since its inception. She is well known in the MR Safety Community and provides insight on many committees and boards. Her knowledge of the material is evident as she thoughtfully explains the clinical perspective of MRI Safety risks.