Call for Proposals:
Community Software Tools Demos
Weekend Educational Course During the 2021 Annual Meeting

Dear ISMRM community:

Over the years, the ISMRM community has created excellent software tools for simulation, sequence design and analysis, reconstruction, and image interpretation. As of today, there exist many excellent free and open-source tools. However, while useful, there is often a steep learning curve for using these tools, which prevents trainees and professionals from widely using them. The 2019 Annual Meeting in Montreal included a weekend educational course on software tool, which included an afternoon of hands-on demos for the tools that were presented. A follow up software demo session was held at the 2020 ISMRM workshop on Data Sampling & Image Reconstruction in Sedona.

In order to be inclusive, the committee would therefore like to solicit proposals from software tools developers that would commit to present a demo of their software at the Annual Meeting Educational Weekend. It is a great opportunity for promoting your work and educating the community. The time commitment during the meeting would be a 1-minute power pitch presentation, and an hour of virtual demo in a zoom breakout room.

5 packages will be selected based on coverage of areas and scope of the packages.


The software tools must be open source, and free for academics (For example, BSD or GPL licenses. No commercial license software).


Proposals should be a 1-page Letter of Intent describing the software tool and its rationale.

A link to the software package page must be included.

The deadline for submissions has passed. Please stay tuned for the announcement of the packages that will be demonstrated at the 2021 annual meeting.

Organizing Committee:
Justin Haldar, Ph.D., USC
Florian Knoll, Ph.D., NYU