Featured Journal Research

Guidelines for Submission of Graphical Abstracts for MRM/JMRI Articles

The ISMRM website home page features a rotating selection of “graphical abstracts” for articles published in MRM and JMRI. If you would like to submit an image for consideration, please read the following guidelines carefully to save yourself time and effort during the submission process.


  • We are only accepting graphics for articles that were first published in Early View after 01 February 2014.
  • Authors must create and submit the graphic to the ISMRM Web Editorial Board (see submission info below)
  • The length of time for which each graphic will be displayed will depend on the volume of submissions received and is variable throughout the year. There is no guarantee of amount of time any given graphic will be live in the rotation.

Submission and Format:

Please submit your graphic by sending an email to Walter F. Block, Ph.D. (wfblock@wisc.edu) with “ISMRM Featured Research Graphic” in the subject line. The email should include one or two JPEG files and the DOI locator as noted below.

First and foremost, look at examples in the Featured Research Archive and on the ISMRM homepage. Be sure to note how small text tends to be unreadable. Similarly, too many figures in one graphic can also make quick comprehension difficult. Less is more; viewers are more likely to click on a graphic when they can process the content easily and quickly.

512 pixels wide

256 pixels high
(actual size)
  • Graphics will be displayed at a maximum size of 512 pixels wide by 256 pixels tall. Your JPEG file should be at least that size, with a 2:1 aspect ratio. Graphics with different dimensions will be modified as necessary.
  • Text labels on figures are acceptable as long as they are readable when the graphic is displayed at 512×256 pixels.
    • Sans-serif fonts are best for readability. These include fonts such as Arial, Helvetica, Open Sans or similar.
    • 1-2 lines of text along the top is appropriate for the abstract title.
  • Please include the DOI string for the article (for example: 10.1002/jmri.12345).
  • Again, please look at examples on the ISMRM website to help you in your final design.

Other Guidelines:

  • It is completely optional for authors to participate in this initiative by submitting this graphic. (We hope it is helpful in promoting articles, though!)
  • Graphics should come from some combination or excerpt of figures in the article.
  • The WEB editorial staff reserve the right to request changes before the image is placed on the ISMRM website.
  • Authors retain the right to have their graphic & link removed at any time.

Please send comments or questions to Walter F. Block, Ph.D., Web Editor: