ISMRM Leaders to Address RSNA 2017 on Reinventing Imaging

The 2017 RSNA annual meeting will open with addresses by a number of ISMRM colleagues, speaking on the changing world of imaging. Dr. Richard Ehman, former president of the ISMRM and current RSNA president, will open the Sunday morning plenary session on November 26 by asking “Is it Time to Reinvent Radiology?” He will be followed by 2017 ISMRM Distinguished Service Medalist and NIBIB Director, Dr. Roderic Pettigrew, speaking on “Tomorrow’s Radiology.” Dr. Pettigrew, in turn, will be followed by Dr. Elias Zerhouni, ISMRM Fellow and past NIH Director, speaking on “”Imaging Innovation in 21st Century Biomedicine: Challenges and Opportunities.” Then, in a Plenary session on Monday afternoon, current ISMRM president, Dr. Daniel Sodickson, will deliver the New Horizons Lecture. His topic will be “A New Light: The Birth, and Rebirth, of Imaging.” For more details, see