We are re-organizing the selection of speakers for the named lectures, creating a sub-committee that will provide a slate of nominees along with a brief dossier on each nominee for final selection by the full AMPC at the construction meeting in January.

To assist this sub-committee, we are reaching out to the entire AMPC to solicit nominations for the three keynote lectures. Please note the lecture descriptions below, followed by the nomination form.

  1. Lauterbur & Mansfield: Two highly esteemed and distinguished members of the society, capable of delivering a powerful and inspiring lecture, should deliver these lectures. In general, one lecture will be given by an M.D. and one by a Ph.D.
  2. NIBIB New Horizon lecture: This speaker should be recognized in the field, but will be at an earlier career stage – think “Associate Professor”. The speaker should provide an exciting overview of new and important area(s) of broad interest to the ISMRM membership.



This nomination form is now closed.