2018 Secret Sessions

Shhh! It’s a secret!

Off-program content. Just for you. Only in the Resonarium.


Getting Involved with ISMRM

Monday @ 13:45

Organizer: Maria Eugenia Caliguiri

Panel: Heidi Johansen-Berg, Mark Schweitzer, Scott Reeder, Craig Meyer, Juan Santos, Krishna Nayak

Learn about the channels available to you as early-career researchers and trainee members of ISMRM to get involved and make a difference. Hear about the experiences of those who have taken leadership roles in this society.

How to Make an Impact with Your Work

Monday @ 16:15

Organizers: Maria Eugenia Caliguiri and Ashvin Bashyam

Panel: Mark E. Schweitzer, Scott Reeder, Dan Ma, Craig Meyer, Juan Santos, Krishna Nayak

This session will provide an overview of the different approaches to maximize one’s clinical research, from writing a high impact paper to commercialization strategies.


Big Science

Tuesday @ 08:15

Organizers: Irene Marco-Rius and Elisenda Bonet-Carne

Panel: Mara Cercignani, Floriana de Angelis, Takuya Hayashi, Franz Schilling, Guoying Liu, Steve Smith and Roderic Pettigrew

An interactive panel discussion focusing on collaborative science, big data and open science, and the associated advantages and potential conflicts.

From Ideas to Start-Ups

Tuesday @ 13:45

Organizers: Matteo Maspero and Valentina Mazzoli

Panel: Zoi Giavri (Advantis Medical Imaging), Oline Vinter Olesen (TracInnovations), Vesna Prchkovska (QMENTA), Akshay Chaudhari (Subtle Medical, Skope MR), Dennis Klomp (MR Coils), Richard L. Ehman (Resoundant)

A panel discussion will be held to share stories and insights of ISMRM members that adventurously decided to “start up” and translate their ideas into products; the conversation will focus on the motivation driving the panelists to move towards the entrepreneurship world, as well as on insights and suggestions that may facilitate bright researchers to move in the same direction.

Mentor Speed-Dating

Tuesday @ 16:15

Organizers: Zahra Hosseini and Phillip Ward

Panel: Petra Huppi, Derek Jones, Caroline Rae, Daniel Sodickson, Pia Sundgren, Ed Wu, and many, many, more!

Accelerate your protocol for meeting the leaders of our society (iPAT factor 11 guaranteed). Learn what it takes to find a good mentor, and be a great mentee. In this fun workshop and speed-dating format, trainees will hear from a panel of experts on the importance of finding a good mentor and get to ask questions in a fast and casual setting.


Clinical and Research Collaboration: How to Bridge the Gap?

Wednesday @ 08:15

Organizers: Anja Van der Kolk and Edwin Balderlomar

Panel: Caroline Rae, Thomas Grist, Jim Pipe, Marion Smits, Emily McWalter

Join us Wednesday 08:15-10:15 for a secret trainee session to hear from renowned experts and explore how to create clinical and pre-clinical collaborations for your research. See you at the Resonarium!

Combining Clinical Duties with a Career in Research

Wednesday @ 13:45

Organizers: Anja Van der Kolk and Jill De Vis

Panel: Tim Leiner, Scott Reeder, Pia Sundgren

This session provides the platform to communicate means of successful clinical practice while maintaining an active and successful scientific research profile. A panel of experienced and well-known and established clinical scientists join us to teach you how to be productive and successful from their experience.

Careers: Where Can MRI Take You?

Wednesday @ 16:15

Organizers: William Clarke, Caitlin O’Brien, Yan Tong

Panel: Gwen Herigault (Philips), Heide Harris (GE), Robert Krieg (Siemens), John Evans, Jin Hyung Lee, Marius Mada

This session will show-off the many varied career options available to young scientists wanting to work in MRI and discuss how they might pick a route to a career of their liking.


Hacks to Deal with Bias, by Women@ISMRM

Thursday @ 08:00

Organizers: Ariane Fillmer, Donnie Cameron, Liz Morris

Panel: Anke Henning, Jeanine Prompers

Learning and practicing how to handle comments driven by (gender) bias in a confident manner.

Public Engagement & Outreach

Thursday @ 13:15

Organizers: Rebecca Dewey and Ben Babourina-Brooks

Panel: Carinne Piekema, Jeff Dunn, Erika Raven, Stuart Clare, Aneurin Kennerley

Take your science to the people! A panel of public engagement veterans will field your questions into the when, how, and why of outreach and public engagement. This will be followed by the first ever MR-ket: a browsable cacophony of MR science demos aimed at the public.

Magnetic Moments Public Engagement Competition

Thursday @ 15:15

Organizers: Alex Smith, Carinne Piekema, and Stuart Clare

Competitors: Gesine Knobloch, Sophie Schauman, Lydia Le Page, Nadine Graedel, Caitilin O’Brien, Alena Shchelokova, Benjamin Tendler, Marco Palombo, Jingjing Xu, Duval Tanguy

Come cheer for your fellow scientists in the inaugural Magnetic Moments live competition! Featuring a panel of “celebrity” judges from the public, this session will crown the 2018 Public Engagement Champion, with additional prizes for the Outreach Guru, People’s Choice, and Master of Simplicity.

It’s a secret to everybody.