Electro-Magnetic Tissue Properties Study Group

(Previously named: Susceptibility Weighted Imaging)


To stimulate and facilitate the development, evaluation and clinical application of MR techniques based on mapping or highlighting electromagnetic tissue properties including: quantitative magnetic susceptibility mapping (QSM), susceptibility-weighted imaging (SWI), electrical properties tomography (EPT), MR electrical impedance tomography (MR-EIT) and related/corresponding methods.

Governing Committee

Chair: Jongho Lee, Ph.D.
Vice-Chair: Berkin Bilgic, Ph.D.
Secretary: Simon D. Robinson, Ph.D.
Trainee Representative: Carlos Milovic, Ph.D.
SMRT Representative: Karyn E. Chappell, Ph.D., P.G.Dip.(MRI), MRSO
Past-Chair: Stefan Ropele, Ph.D.


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Study Group News

2020 Winners of the Electro-Magnetic Tissue Properties Study Group Trainee Poster Competition

2020 Abstract Award Presentations Winners (Magnetic) 2020 Abstract Award Presentations Winners (Electric)
1st Place (tie):
Thomas Jochmann, Dipl.-Phys.

Technische Universität Ilmenau
Ilmenau, Germany
1st Place (tie):
Nitish Katoch, Ph.D.

Kyung Hee University
Seoul, Korea
1st Place (tie):
Manuel Alejandro Chapa, B.Sc.

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Santiago, Chile
1st Place (tie):
Lucia Bossoni, Ph.D.

Leiden University Medical Center
Leiden, Netherlands
3rd Place:
Christian Kames, B.Appl.Sc.

University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC, Canada
3rd Place:
Jessica A. Martinez, Ph.D.

Stanford University
Stanford, CA, USA

Future Event:
ISMRM Endorsed Joint Workshop on MR Phase, Magnetic Susceptibility & Electrical Properties Mapping
03-06 October 2021
Lucca, Italy


  • 2019 Winners of the Electro-Magnetic Tissue Properties Study Group Trainee Poster Competition
Magnetic Abstracts:
1st Place Winner: Lukas Buschle
Abstract #4920: Magnitude and phase based mapping of particle concentrations – effects of diffusion
2nd Place Winner: Lin Chen
Abstract #4924: Altered Brain Iron Content and Deposition Rate in Huntington Disease Indicated by Quantitative Susceptibility MRI
3rd Place Winner: Joon Yul Choi
Abstract #4922: Improvement of Reproducibility in Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (QSM) and Transverse Relaxation Rates (R2*) after Physiological Noise Correction
Electric Abstracts:
1st Place Winner: Reijer Leijsen
Abstract #5050: Improving Tissue Electrical Properties Reconstructions by Exploiting the Benefits of Combining Deep Learning-EPT and 3D Contrast Source Inversion-EPT
2nd Place Winner: Han-Jae Chung
Abstract #5047: Discrete Laplacian Estimation Using Projection onto ROtating Median Sets (PROMS) for MR Electrical Property Tomography
3rd Place Winner: Hyun-Soo Lee
Abstract #5044: Multiple TR Approach for Direct Detection of Fast Oscillating Magnetic Fields

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