Hyperpolarized Media MR Study Group


To facilitate the application and dissemination of MRI with hyperpolarized media to address challenges in biomedicine.

Governing Committee

Chair: Bastiaan Driehuys, Ph.D.
Vice-Chair: Christoffer Laustsen, Ph.D.
Secretary: Arnaud Comment, Ph.D.
Trainee Representative: Irene Marco-Rius, Ph.D.
2nd Year Trainee Representative: Angus Z. Lau, Ph.D.
Past Chair: Matthew Merritt, Ph.D.


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Study Group News

2018 Study Group Governance Committee Election is Now Open
Voting deadline is 28 February 2018 @ 23:59 EST

Study Group List Server

The Hyperpolarized Media MR Study Group has established an email list server in order to facilitate discussion among the study group members. This is a closed list, meaning only members of the Hyperpolarized Media MR Study Group are able to use this service. If you wish to participate in this membership service, please contact the ISMRM Central Office at membership@ismrm.org.