Imaging Neurofluids Study Group


  • Provide a platform where different professionals and expertise can discuss appropriate imaging methods for the neurofluids and the brain waste drain mechanisms;
  • Create a network between clinicians and scientist where people can share MRI protocol, post processing softwares;
  • Create an open reference database of neurofluid images and flows useful for numerical simulation;
  • Build consortium to prepare common project and respond to grants call;
  • Highlight experts in the field open to share their knowledge with the MR community;
  • Involve clinicians and physiologists to provide a better understanding of the anatomy of fluids and brain parenchyma, information that would be key to translate basic science and imaging methodology to clinical practice; and
  • Provide a bridge with other study groups such as MR flow, MR cardiac imaging, cutting edge technologies and white matter to bring the heart-brain axis to the forefront.

Governing Committee

Chair: Nivedita Agarwal, M.D.
Vice-Chair: Olivier Balédent, Ph.D.
Secretary: Naoki Ohno, Ph.D.
Trainee Representative: Lydiane Hirschler, Ph.D.

Study Group News

Welcome to the brand new Imaging Neurofluids Study Group!


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