2020 Annual Meeting Postponed & Moved

10 Mar 2020: 2020 Annual Meeting Postponed & Moved

Dear Colleagues,

Due to the rapidly unfurling repercussions of the Coronavirus epidemics, the Board of Trustees met today and decided to delay this year’s annual meeting. Given the limited alternatives available at the ICC Sydney over the months in which postponement is an option, we have made arrangements to hold the meeting in Paris at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles on August 8-13.

As you know, after stabilizing in China, the Coronavirus epidemics have progressed worldwide where they appear poised to peak sometime in April. While Sydney remains a relatively safe location, many of our member’s institutions have instituted no-travel policies in order to slow the spread of disease and protect their staff and patients. In addition, Australia’s entry ban for members coming from China and Korea remain, and even those not under government or institutional travel bans have an understandable reluctance to travel at this time.

However, our problem is broader than travel restrictions and Sydney; it is the public health issue of gathering 6000 international visitors to a conference in April. Taken together, the Board felt postponement is the only reasonable option at this time.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this manner and hope to see you in Paris.

Larry Wald
2019-2020 ISMRM President

Shawna Farquharson
2019-2020 SMRT President