Additional Update on the Coronavirus

26 Feb 2020: Additional Update on the Coronavirus

Dear Colleagues,

Like many, the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees have been monitoring the coronavirus situation closely to assess its impact on our upcoming annual meeting. The Board met today and decided that we would maintain our current plan of holding the meeting as scheduled.

This decision was made on the basis of several key considerations. Firstly, that the situation in Australia is stable and it is fundamentally safe to travel there. Secondly, that Australia does not significantly broaden its entry restrictions (we hope that they can be relaxed as the case load in China continues to stabilize and hopefully will go down soon). If the entry ban is relaxed, we will offer the early registration option to attendees who were affected by it.

On a related point, we are watching that members have travel options that do not take them through a travel restricted airport.

We can only watch and wait hopefully, but I wanted to have a chance to share our thinking with you.

Larry Wald
2019-2020 ISMRM President