2020 Unofficial At-Home Fun Run

Take part in an unofficial Virtual Fun Run, organized by member Sydney Williams:

At this year’s ISMRM, I was hoping to find the opportunity to socialize a bit with my fellow MRI colleagues despite the distance/virtualization of the meeting. In the past few years of ISMRM, there has been a tradition of having a 5K Fun Run on the Sunday morning before the opening ceremony. While there is no officially organized fun run this year, I thought it’d be fun to plan a basic virtual fun run that any and all could partake in.

How does it work? Simple. Just self-report your ~5 km walk or run in this Google form: https://forms.gle/MAY7dg7sBEJBuY9V9

If you want to share a photo from the run, simply email me (sydney.williams@glasgow.ac.uk) with the subject title  “[FULL NAME] Virtual Fun Run Photo”.  You have until the cut-off time of August 14th 23:59 UTC to report your fun run results. If you select to share in the form, I’ll combine all submissions into a summary email after the meeting.

Please feel free to forward this URL to ISMRM colleagues and share the word! It would be great to have ISMRM members from all over engaged in this fun event together! Hopefully in future years we can meet and get active together in person, too 😊.


Sydney Williams