2021 ISMRM Young Investigator Award Winners

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W. S. Moore Award Winner

James MacKay, Ph.D.
Norwich Medical School
Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Program Number 0115:
Three-Dimensional Surface-Based Analysis of Cartilage MRI Data in Knee Osteoarthritis: Validation and Initial Clinical Application

I.I. Rabi Award Winner

Beata Bachrata, M.Sc.
High Field MR Centre
Department of Biomedical Imaging and Image-Guided Therapy
Medical University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria

Program Number 0116:
Simultaneous Multiple Resonance Frequency Imaging (SMURF): Fat‑water imaging using multi‑band principles


Caroline Colbert B.S.
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Program Number 0113:
Estimation of fractional myocardial blood volume and water exchange using ferumoxytol-enhanced MRI

Nan Wang Ph.D.
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Program Number 0118:
Five-Dimensional Quantitative Low-Dose Multitasking Dynamic Contrast- Enhanced MRI (LD-MT-DCE): Preliminary Study on Breast Cancer

Dengrong Jiang Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD, United States

Program Number 0114:
Brain oxygen extraction is differentially altered by Alzheimer’s and vascular diseases

Keshav Datta Ph.D.
Stanford University
Stanford, CA, United States

Program Number 0117:
MRI of [2-13C]Lactate without J-coupling artifacts