ISMRM International Outreach Programs

All lectures will be in English. ISMRM and SMRT members will be eligible for substantial registration discounts.

Recent Outreach Programs

4th Magnetic Resonance Balkan Outreach Program
Ljubljana, Slovenia
14-16 September 2017

SA 2017 Imaging Conference (SORSA and RSSA)
[ISMRM International Outreach]
Durban, South Africa
03-05 November 2017

If you are interested in our International Global Outreach Program, please contact one of our Local Global Organizers:

Africa/Middle East: Leon Janse van Rensburg, M.D., D.Sc.

China: Xiaohong Joe Zhou, Ph.D., DABR

Eastern Europe/Russia/Turkey: Jürgen Hennig, Ph.D.

South/Southeast Asia: Rakesh Gupta, M.D.

Central/South America: Jorge A. Soto, M.D.

Future Workshops
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International Outreach Programs
ISMRM-Endorsed Meetings & Education
If you are an ISMRM member and are interested in proposing a workshop, please note: Workshop proposals are only submitted to the ISMRM Board of Trustees for review and approval at designated times during the year. Please contact Roberta A. Kravitz, ISMRM Executive Director, for more information.