MR Safety Week 2017

July 24th-30th is recognized as “MR Safety Week.” The SMRT safety committee, in support and recognition of this event, has compiled a variety of resources to remind us all to check our site procedures to ensure we follow best practices and stay MR Safe.

Check back every day during MR Safety Week for new releases and activities, and help keep MR safety on the forefront of our collective minds.


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☐  1. What are your MRI pre-procedure screening policies?

☐  2. Do you screen every person who enters Zone 4 (MRI scan room) of the MRI suite?

☐  3. Do you maintain documentation on screened and trained personnel?


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☐  1. What is your policy for changing patients out of street clothes?

☐  2. What is your procedure for reviewing the completed MRI pre-procedure screening form with the patient?

☐  3. Do you have a policy for removing medication patches prior to the MRI examination?


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☐  1. Do you understand the mechanisms for preventing heating and burns during MRI examinations?

☐  2. Do your MR facilities have plenty of insulating pads for safe positioning of patients in the bore of the MRI scanner?

☐  3. Do you have a policy for hearing protection for patients in the MRI scanner and those inside the MRI scan room (health care professionals, family members)? Is training provided on the proper use of hearing protection equipment?


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☐  1. Review MR Conditional device labeling with your staff. Do you have conditional equipment in Zone 4? Ensure all staff is aware of all conditions and the device is clearly labeled.

☐  2. Review your risk versus benefit process for implanted biomedical devices and implants.

☐  3. Review your “Stop and Check” process for patients on stretchers and comatose patients.


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☐  1. Check your MRI scan room (Zone 4) – Does it comply with manufacturer guidelines for humidity and temperature?

☐  2. Educate technologists to manipulate scan parameters that reduce heating; and document who has undergone the training.

☐  3. Review your process for scanning patients with implanted biomedical devices and implants. Ensure it incorporates all MRI safety guidelines.

☐  4. Review and update your Emergency procedures.

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• Safety in MRI: Responsibilities & Guidelines

• MRI Interactions of a Fully Implantable Pressure Monitoring Device

• The Physics of MR Safety

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Remember, MR Safety is within our control and our greatest responsibility. Thanks for visiting our site.

– The ISMRM & SMRT Safety Committees