2020 Secret Sessions

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Getting Involved with ISMRM

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Tuesday, 11 August
17:00 – 18:00 UTC

One of ISMRM’s key purposes is to provide an opportunity to connect and collaborate on a global level. As a junior researcher, in this forum, you can learn about the various opportunities to enhance your involvement with ISMRM and how to enhance your early career experience. You will hear from both senior and more junior members of ISMRM, who will talk about their experiences and find out how the society can support you.

Prof  Krishna Nayak
Prof N.R Jagannathan
Dr Tim Bray
Dr Theo Akudjedu
Dr Esther Warnert
Dr Ozlem Ipek

Organisers: Sola Adeleke, Thomas Lindner, Miheer Mayekar, Evita Wiegers

Moderators: Thomas Lindner, Sola Adeleke

MRI: Making Research Inclusive

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Wednesday, 12 August
10:30 – 11:30 UTC

There is increasing research suggesting that diverse research teams benefit the quality of scientific research produced (1,2). However, diversity cannot stand alone – for members of a community to perform at their best, a sense of belonging or inclusion is critical (3,4).

This session aims to facilitate respectful discussion and sharing of personal insights on topics surrounding inclusivity in the research environment. In this panel Q&A with members of the ISMRM EDI committee, we will also invite audience members to join the panel to share what practices benefit your research environment and where are the current gaps. All registrants are welcome to attend this session and we encourage attendees to let us know their topics of interest in the survey below.

Pre-Session Survey:
Let us know what topics you’d like to see covered during this session. Take our one-question survey now.


  1. Powell, K. 2018. These labs are remarkably diverse — here’s why they’re winning at science. Nature. 558(7708), pp.19-22.
  2. Freeman, R. B. and Huang, W. 2014. Collaboration: Strength in diversity. Nature. 513(305).
  3. Bumpus, N. 2015. Moving toward inclusion. Science.
  4. Ahmad, A.S., Sabat, I., Trump-Steele, R. and King, E., 2019. Evidence-based strategies for improving diversity and inclusion in undergraduate research labs. Frontiers in psychology10, p.1305.

Dr Demian Wasserman, INRIA Saclay (He/Him)
Dr Hamied Haroon, University of Manchester (He/Him)
Professor Karla Miller, University of Oxford (She/Her)
Open panel slot for audience members to join

Nikou Damestani, King’s College London (She/her)
Diana Rotaru, King’s College London (She/her)
Jack Miller, University of Oxford (He/him)
Jodi Watt, University of Nottingham (She/her)
Laura Bortolotti, University of Nottingham (She/her)

“On-Screen” Moderators: Nikou Damestani, Jack Miller

“Behind the scenes” Moderators: Laura Bortolotti, Diana Rotaru, Jodi Watt

Got My Ph.D., What Next?

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Thursday, 13 August
17:30 – 18:30 UTC

This session will be held to share stories and insights from senior researchers working in academic, industrial and clinical fields. In this session you will learn many varied career options available to young scientists wanting to work in MRI and discuss how they might pick a route that fits better for each one.

Lay Hong Stevia Ng
Penny Gowland
Juan Santos
Jouke Smink

Cristian Montalba
Xingfeng Shao

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