Upcoming Events

06 April 2020 – updated!
Post-Graduate Meeting 2020
Institute of Child Health, University College London

Workshop on Resilience in Academia

Abstract Deadline: 14 February 2020


09-11 September 2020
ISMRM British & Irish Chapter Meeting 2020
CUBRIC, Cardiff University

British Chapter ISMRM New Initiative & Public Engagement Fund
up to £2000 available. See below for details.

Positive Spin: The Newsletter of the British MR Community

New Initiative & Public Engagement Fund

Applications are invited from Full Members for funding to support the hosting of national educational or research meetings on subjects of interest to the British & Irish Chapter, or to support public engagement activities. The funding is intended to facilitate initiatives that will lead to new activity in the magnetic resonance field.

Examples would include a specialist study group or an advanced training course. Applications for up to £2000 maximum in total in any calendar year will be considered although it is expected that most individual applications will be for substantially smaller amounts. Applications should describe the proposed activity and its relevance to the British & Irish Chapter ISMRM, and include costing. Please send applications to the Secretary. Applications will be assessed by the committee, and successful applicants will be expected to produce a brief report of the activity.

Mansfield Research Innovation Award

The Mansfield Research Innovation Award helps to enable top post-doc members of the British & Irish Chapter working in the areas of neurology, cancer, interventional radiology, molecular imaging, physics or engineering, to attend the annual ISMRM meeting. The aim of the award is to support ISMRM members who are too senior to qualify for trainee awards, but too junior to have established posts. For ISMRM 2020, applications are open until 31st January, 2020.

Past Winners of the Mansfield Research Innovation Award


James Grist, Cambridge
Francesco Grussu, UCL (runner up)
Fabio Nery, UCL (runner up)


Aurelien Bustin, KCL
Lars Mueller, Cardiff
Marco Battiston, UCL (runner up)
Kanishka Sharma, Leeds (runner up)
Maryam Afzali, Cardiff (runner up)
Nur Hayati Jasmin, UCL (runner up)


Teresa Matias Correia, KCL
Wenchuan Wu, Oxford
Ladislav Valkovic, Oxford
Ben Babourina Brooks, Nottingham