Q&A with Giulia Ginami and Davide Piccini

Giulia Ginami is currently a PhD student at the Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (CVMR) group, based in the Radiology Department of the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV). Her paper, selected as the Editor’s Pick for April, is entitled “An Iterative Approach to Respiratory Self-Navigated Whole-Heart Coronary MRA Significantly Improves Image Quality in a Preliminary Patients Study.” This paper proposes a respiratory motion compensation algorithm that is independent of a specific reference position for motion correction. We recently invited Giulia and senior author Dr. Davide Piccini, to talk about their paper.

Q&A with Dariya Malyarenko and Tom Chenevert

The March Editor’s Pick features Dr. Dariya Malyarenko and Dr. Tom Chenevert, from the University of Michigan. With a background in solid-state NMR and signal processing for biomarker discovery from cancer proteomics data, Dariya started in MRI as an NIH T32 trainee four years ago. Tom began his work in MRI 25 years ago at the University of Michigan. In their paper they perform a multicenter study to thoroughly characterize the sources of technical bias in quantitative diffusion weighted imaging (DWI), and identify gradient non-linearity as a major contributor.

Q&A with Isabell Steinseifer and Arend Heerschap

Following last week’s feature on diffusion imaging for prostate cancer characterization, this week we focus on prostate spectroscopy and a recent paper by researchers at the Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands, entitled ‘Improved Volume Selective 1H MR Spectroscopic Imaging of the Prostate with Gradient Offset Independent Adiabaticity Pulses at 3 Tesla’. We spoke to lead author Isabell Steinseifer and her mentor Arend Heerschap.

Q&A with Jussi Toivonen and Ivan Jambor

Both of our October Editor’s picks are on prostate imaging, and the first one comes from the University of Turku in Finland. Jussi Toivonen recently published a paper on diffusion imaging of prostate, and we invited him and senior author Ivan Jambor to tell us about their work.

Q&A with Yi Wang and David Pitt


A new paper on quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) in multiple sclerosis is one of our Editor’s picks for the August issue of Magn Reson Med. Junior author Cynthia Wisnieff was not available due to her busy medical school schedule, so we asked the paper’s senior authors, Dr. Yi Wang and Dr. David Pitt to discuss their exciting work with us.

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